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When she plays the piano she reminds you of the American actress Amy Irving from the 1980 film The Competition — fierce and focussed.

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A discussion platform concentrating on India will be incomplete without providing few basic information and facts of India. This is the first of the series of articles that will attempt to provide an introduction to India.

India the Country – Part One, provides a brief information sheet of India with details like
– Key Information
– Location, Area
– Political/Administrative Geography
– Climate

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An autorickshaw driver who gives free rides to the blind, donates money to an old age home and is trying to raise funds for the treatment of a sandwich vendor.

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Dutchman Matan Schabracq, who is teaching Mumbai how to enjoy a bagel, pledges his love for the dosa, finds Chandrima Pal.

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The meaning of Mayukhi is peacock, the actual translation meaning peahen (female peacock), but, often the female is also referred to as a “peacock”. The Peacock enjoys the status of being the National Bird of India. The Peacock also holds a very significant place in the Indian heritage, religion and culture.

Peacock in Indian Religion
– PARAVANI, the peacock is the vehicle (carriage) of Kartikeya or Subramanya the son of Lord Shiva
– Lord Krishna is depicted with peacock feather adorning his headgear known as the ‘mor-mukut’

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