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Mayukhi is

The meaning of Mayukhi is peacock, the actual translation meaning peahen (female peacock), but, often the female is also referred to as a “peacock”. The Peacock enjoys the status of being the National Bird of India. The Peacock also holds a very significant place in the Indian heritage, religion and culture.

Peacock in Indian Religion
– PARAVANI, the peacock is the vehicle (carriage) of Kartikeya or Subramanya the son of Lord Shiva
– Lord Krishna is depicted with peacock feather adorning his headgear known as the ‘mor-mukut’
– The Ramayana has references of the peacock as follows:
mayukhi peacockRavana the asura king, due to the boon granted by Brahma, which made him invincible from the wrath of any gods and goddess misused his powers to terrorize the Gods. Fearing Ravana and for protection the gods chose to enter the bodies of birds. Indra (also known as the Lord of Rain) chose to enter the body of Peacock. Pleased with the protection by the Peacock, Indra bestowed a boon on the peacock that it would never be afraid of snake and it would have a thousand ‘eyes’ on its fan-tail. It is also mentioned that due to this close association of peacock with Indra it shows its delight by dancing whenever it rains.

There are numerous instances in Ramayana and Mahabharata where the Peacock holds a special place.

Peacock in Indian Art and Literature
The famous ‘Peacock Throne’ (Takht-e-Tâoos) of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan is one of the most popular pieces of art and sculpture that depicts the Peacock. Shah Jahan had the famous Koh-i-noor diamond placed in this throne.

Peacock has been carved in Bronze statues of Skanda from the period of Chola (11 century AD), in Vijanagar art and appears on silver coins of Kumaragupta I. It has replaced an absentee lover in Pahari painting of 18th century AD, adorned a Rajasthani Ivory Lamp, enameled in design in inner royal apartment in Udaipur (17-18th century AD).

Through out the recorded history of India the Peacock holds a special place. The following books and links provides more information about Peacock in Indian Art and Literature
– Peacock in Indian Art, Thought And Literature (2006) by Krishna Lal
– Peacock Throne –
– ‘A pageant of Indian Culture’ by Asoke Kumar Bhattacharyya has an entire chapter (Chapter 16) dedicated to The Peacock in Art and Literature.

mayukhi peacockScientific facts
The Scientific name of the Indian peafowl is “Pavo cristatus”
Indian Peafowl is also known as Common Peafowl or Blue Peafowl

Hence this site that solely concentrates on exploring and discovering India, her past, her present and her future derives it name from the majestic and beautiful bird that symbolizes India. So, lets discover and explore India – her past, her present and her future – making truly ‘Yours India!’.

Pavo Cristatus

Indian Divinity:
Animal Deities,  Avataar Rama

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