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India… snake-charmers, Taj Mahal, elephants, cows, ghats of Varnasi, slums, poverty, corruption, pollution, stagnant, illiterates…

The fascination one has with India often begins and is associated with these terms. More often than not she also holds attention in the broader sense with the generic terms like rich culture, bright colors, spicy curry, IT professionals, cheap labor, cricket and Bollywood.

Is this all India has to offer?

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MIT freshman Saumil Bandyopadhyay’s invention has the potential to reduce car crashes and may also help detect hidden land mines and monitor global warming. Indian-American teenager Saumil Bandopadhyay has been selected for the prestigious Ingenuity Award for revolutionising nanotechnology that would upend industries ranging from automobiles to astronomy. MIT freshman Bandyopadhyay is among the 10 […]

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Washington, Sep 29 (PTI): Robot brain! An Indian-origin scientist in US has developed a new feedback system that allows robots to operate with minimal supervision and could eventually lead to autonomous machines. The system may lead to robots that think for themselves, learn, adapt and use active critique to work unsupervised. Developed by Dr Jagannathan […]

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